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Hog Master

Hog Master is a herbal Liqueur that is locallyblended from only the finesttriple distilled spiritand a secret recipe of herbs andspices at 35% alcohol.

An activated charcoal treatment and mellowing process provides for the smoothest of tastes and well balanced profiles, ensuring drinking pleasure as a shooter or on crushed ice - always ice cold!

Hog Master has won the Silver Medal in the WSWA TastingCompetition and is exported to the USA.


Hog Master is commonly enjoyed as Shooter, but why not be a little ADVENTUROUS and give these cocktails a try...hog master cocktails


Red Hog Energy

Red Hog comes to you from the Hog Master stable,which combines the smoothness of the finest herbal Liqueur (complete with a higher strength - 50% alcohol by volume)and an energized infusion which comprises caffeine, guaranaand ginseng to deliver a wickedly desirable shooter.

Red Hog 750ml (01) redhogsticks

Now available in 750ml bottles as well as 50ml tubes.

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Now available in 750ml as well as 50ml.
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